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August 25, 2009




Internet Classics Archive
Project Gutenburg
Internet Archive

Liturgical Calendars

Liturgical Year (Descriptive Outline)
Traditional Roman (2013)
Novus Ordo (2013)
Byzantine (2013)

Liturgical Prayers

Akathist to Our Sweetest Lord Jesus Christ (Vanquisher of Hades)
Akathist to the Mother of God, Softener of Evil Hearts
Marian Antiphons (Seasonal)
Μαρíα Θεοτóκος
Holy Rosary

Liturgical Texts, etc.

Traditional Mass of the Roman Rite (Descriptive Outline)
The Divine Liturgy (Descriptive Outline)
Liturgical Books of the Eastern Churches
Liturgical Texts of the Orthodox Church
Western Rites in the Orthodox Church
Catholic Rites and Churches
Orthodox Prayer  Book
Liturgical Geneaology
Roman Missal (3rd ed.)
Lectionary for Mass
Orthodox Prayers
Orthodox Psalter
Divinum Officium
Roman Breviary

Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri
Society for Catholic Liturgy
Catholic Liturgical Library
New Liturgical Movement
New World Byzantine
Anglican Use Society
Latin Mass Society
Sancta Missa
Una Voce


English Translations of Eastern Liturgies (article)

Catholic Resources

Sexual Abuse Scandal (Catholic)
Eternal Word Television Network
Catechism of the Council of Trent
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Roman Theological Forum
Catholic Pages (Directory)
Catholic Encyclopedia
Catholic Resources
Catechetics Online
New Advent
Fish Eaters

Orthodox Resouces

Filioque Controversy (Orthodox Wiki)
Brief Catechism of the Orthodox Faith
Orthodox Information Center
Confession of Cyril Lucaris
Catechism of St. Philaret
Confession of Dositheus
Orthodox Ecclesiology
Ecclesiological Notes
Non-Orthodox (pdf)
Ancient Faith Radio

Church Fathers (etc.)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Early Christian Writings
Early Church Fathers

Churches and Hierarchy

Catholic Rites and Churches
Eastern Catholic Churches (US)
Churches of the East
Pastoral Provision
Catholic Hierarchy
Catholic Cardinals
The Holy See

Modern Theologians

Alexander Schmemann
Hans Urs von Balthasar
John Henry Newman
(Newman’s Cause)
Bernard Lonergan
Joseph Ratzinger
Henri de Lubac
Aidan Nichols
Avery Dulles

Biblical Studies

Pontifical Biblical Commission (Documents)
The Replies of the Biblical Commission
Brief History of the Biblical Commission
Kerux Journal of Biblical Theology
Roman Catholic Biblical Studies
Geerhardus Vos (writings)
Federal Vision (links)
Norman Shepherd
Bible Study Tools
Bible Research
St. Paul Center
N.T. Wright
Peter Enns
Paul Page


Three Views on the Document, Interpretation of the Bible in the Church
Beyond Justification (Orthodox Perspective on Joint Declaration)
Bible Babel (Fr. Neuhaus on the New American Bible)
The Bible: Unexamined Commitments of Criticism
More Bible Babel (Fr. Neuhaus revisits the NAB)
Studies in the New Perspective on Paul (pdf)

Journals and Periodicals

Biologos Forum – Science and Faith in Dialogue
Medieval Philosophy and Theology
Westminster Theological Journal
North American Anglican
Credenda Agenda
First Things

Medieval & Scholastic

Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics
Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange (Select Works)
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Western European History (Outline)
Medieval Philosophy and Theology
Jacques Maritain Center
Medieval Sourcebook
The Thomist

Protestant Confessions

Ninety-five Theses (1517)
Sixty-seven Articles (1523)
Augsburg Confession (1530)
Belgic Confession (1561)
Heidelberg Catechism (1563)
Thirty-nine Articles of Religion (1571)
Canons of Dordt (1618-19)
London Baptist Confession of Faith (1644)
Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)
London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689)
Philadelphia Confession of Faith (1742)
Westminster Confession of Faith (1789)
Thirty-nine Articles of Religion (1801)

Protestant Denominations

National Association of Evangelicals
Reformed and Presbyterian
Pentecostal and Charismatic
Methodist and Wesleyan
Lutheran Church Bodies
Plymouth Brethren
Anglicans Online
Baptists Online

World Evangelical Alliance
World Council of Churches
IFCA International

Protestant Theologians

Lancelot Andrewes
John Nelson Darby
Jonathan Edwards
Stanley Hauerwas
Alister McGrath
Richard Hooker
Charles Finney
Menno Simons
Edward Pusey
Martin Luther
John Wesley
Paul Tillich
John Calvin
John Keble

Karl Barth Society (Articles)
Project Canterbury


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